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Festival of Sacred Music aims to showcase true and pure forms of music. The artistes are hand-picked for the festival with the goal of bringing something new to the local art and music landscape.

Line-Up 2017

Like always, Festival Of Sacred Music promises another lineup of impeccable:

17th February 2017 at the Diwan Wada courtyard – Hindustani Classical Vocal and English Bandish by Kiran Pathak and Carnatic Concert in whistle by K. Sivaprasad
18th February 2017 at the Pushya Mahal Ghat Fusion Music by Karthick Iyer
19th February 2017 near the Amman Sannidhi of Panchanatheeshwara Temple – Chitravina recital by N. Ravikiran
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All performances will begin at 7 PM IST

Past Performances

Festival of Sacred Music has been graced in its past by several renowned and gifted performers creating some magical and memorable experience. Here are a few:

2009: Bombay Jayashri, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Sikkil Sisters
2010: Vidya Rao, Aruna Sairam, Pt. Krishna Ram Choudari & Shri. Dhakshinamurthi and K.M Uthirapathi
2011: Ganesh and Kumaresh, Yodhaka, Madras String Quartet T.M.Krishna, Fr.Joseph Thattarachery, Nadaka and Gopika
2012:  Sudha Ragunathan, Monks of Drepung Loseling Monastery, Ambalapuzha Vijayakumar,  Mylai Mohanraj, Dr.Phillippe Bruguiere, Asima
2013: Pt. Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra, Shri.Vikku Vinayakram, Shri.Sanjay Subramaniam

2014: Vidya Shah, Umayalpuram K Sivaraman, Shashank Subramanyam

2015:  Krishna’s Temple Rock, Filter Coffee, The Manganiyars, Kadri Gopalnath

2016: Dr. Mukundraj Maharaj, Aditya Prakash Ensemble, Nithyasree Mahadevan

Check out our teasers for the 2014 festival featuring snippets of some stand-out performances from the previous editions.


Details coming soon.

2017 Artiste Profiles

Hindustani Classical Vocal and English Bandish by Kiran Pathak

Kiran Phatak has written many books on different subjects in Indian classical music. He also gives classical recitals. Kiran Phatak organizes seminars and workshops on classical music. He is the founder of Bharatiya Sangeet Vidyalaya. His major books are Shuddha Swar Alankar, Sangeet Nibandhawali, Khayal – Ek Vichar, Raagachhya Parighakadun Kendrabindukade, Swarkiran, Pratibhavanta, Music Dictionary,  Bandish, how to present Raag, the study of bandish.

Kiran Pathak believes that Art should always go through evolution. And so, Kiran Phatak has been lettering lyrics for Indian classical ragas in the English language for almost 5 years now. Finding music forms like rap, pop and rock too alien, he came to the supposition that it was the language that prevented these forms from moving him.

After much envision, the singer inferred that these Western musical styles were mostly sung in English which may be the reason for their mass appeal. To explore this idea further, Pathak decided to sing popular Indian classical ragas in English – the language of choice of today’s youth. And he gave birth to the IREL: Indian Raga English Lyrics.

Pathak deciphered around 20-25 bandishes into English – some direct translations while in others he would take the core of the bandish or the emotion and revise them in English accordingly.

Listen to Kiran Phatak:

Carnatic Concert in whistle by K. Sivaprasad

K. Sivaprasad, Whistle Music is a rare and specialized art in the melodious world of music and Mr. Siva Prasad has mastered it to perfection, finding himself a prestigious place in the galaxy of enchanting musicians.

A gifted prodigy of ‘Carnatic and Hindustani Music on Whistle’, Whistle Wizard Mr. Siva Prasad, the 9th child of Late Sri K.S.V.Subba Rao and Smt. Rajya Lakshmi was born on 26th April 1955 in Bapatla, a coastal town of Guntur District, Andra Pradesh, India.

Hailing from a family of Scholars in Arts & Sciences, he received no formal initiation into the world of music nor any special instruction other than his own intense interest and enthusiasm for performing music through whistling. He had the rare opportunity of attaining guidance from the legendary Carnatic Vocalist Dr. M.Balamurali Krishna.

His meetings with the immortal Shehnai Maestro Ustad Bismilla Khan inspires and rekindled in him the love and fascination for ‘Hindustani Music’ Added to this, the grammar and text of music imparted by the reputed flute Vidwan Sri N.S. Srinivasan has enriched his talent and made Mr. Siva Prasad… The Complete Artiste.

Listen to K. Sivaprasad:

Fusion Music by Karthick Iyer

Karthick Iyer has over 20 years of classical Carnatic experience, starting from the age of 8, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and emotion-led violin pieces across ‘sabhas’ and other venues.

Seeking to broaden his horizons, he started playing in the Indian film industry, with AR RahmanImmanDevi Sri Prasad and other notable music directors. He composed a song for a Bollywood movie along the way, as well as jingles for multiple TV ads.

Karthick then spent a few years performing across the world, in stages like Glastonbury (UK), Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts (US), WOMAD (Spain), One Movement (Perth), BBC’s ‘Later with Jools Holland’ and MTV Coke Studio – collaborating with internationally renowned artists The Raghu Dixit Project, Susheela Raman and Indo-acoustic band – Emergence.

The journey has brought him to IndoSoul and led him to form his own band, Karthick Iyer Live.

Karthick Iyer Live seeks to introduce IndoSoul to people around the world, and inspire them to appreciate music that they might not have sought out on their own.

Listen to Karthick Iyer:

Chitravina recital by N. Ravikiran

Chitravina Ravikiran’s maiden chitravina performance was at age 11. He has been hailed as a versatile virtuoso in world music for many years, contributing unique techniques to slide instruments as a whole.

Ravikiran presented concerts to packed audiences for major organisations in various cities until the age of 10, at which time (anticipating a voice change), he switched over to the beautiful 21-stringed chitravina.

However, he resumed his vocal recitals in 1999 and now presents both vocal and instrumental concerts. His immense knowledge of music, musical acumen, imaginative approach, breath control, vocal techniques, and diction, have made him a desired artiste in prominent venues both in and outside India.

From 1986-96, Ravikiran had the rare privilege of learning from the celebrated vocalist T Brinda, widely acknowledged as a musicians’ musician. His interaction with her added a whole new dimension to his perception of the microscopic nuances of music.

His thematic vocal recitals on works of venerated composers such as Tyagaraja and Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi have won approbation from music lovers.

Listen to Chitravina Ravikiran: